Daily Archive for June 13th, 2007

Funds: Check!

I should be able to start buying parts next week. I’ve decided to go with a Seagate 80GB hard drive for $41 instead of the CF card setup. With a large hard drive like that, I can turn it into a small server, too. Many of the auctions that I was looking at for touchscreen monitors are now closed, so I may have to wait a bit until I can find something cheap again (in the meantime, I’ll just set it up with a spare monitor, mouse, and keyboard that I have). I’m also going to purchase a SilenX 80mm case fan to replace the one that comes by default. It’s only around 14dBA, but has great air flow at 1700 RPM. I intend to document the creation of this computer with a ton of pictures. All I need now is a name…