Daily Archive for June 26th, 2007

Preliminary Layout Design

Here’s an actual screenshot of the layout so far (click for a larger view):


I’m keeping to my concept design pretty well, surprisingly enough. I tried running this in a fullscreen Firefox window on the monitor and it looks great (I don’t have a touchscreen yet, so I’ve just been using some random monitor that has been lying around). The logo needs to be nudged to the left just a bit, though. My CSS is pretty heavy; over 50 lines of code already. However, the computer seems to have no problem loading the pages. Once I have finished perfecting the basic layout, I’ll whip up a PHP template to take care of interface consistency problems.

PHP seems to have good support for both XML parsing (for the weather applet) and INI parsing (for keeping track of the radio stations). On that note, I’ve got an INI system floating about in my head. It works something like this:

All of the stations are stored in stations.ini. The format will be something like:

name = “Station 1″
stream = “http://station1.tld/stream.mp3″
site = “http://station1.tld/”
playcount = 5

name = “Station 2″
stream = “http://station2.tld/stream.mp3″
site = “http://station2.tld/”
playcount = 19

Et cetera.

[station1], [station2], etc. will all be fixed names. Everything else can be changed, of course.
When a song is selected, the name, stream, and site keys will all be copied to nowplaying.ini. When the sound system is paused, mpg321 (the backend MP3 player) will be killed and nowplaying.ini will be moved to paused.ini. When the system is unpaused, the reverse will happen.

Obviously, I’ve got to figure out some way to support non-MP3 streams.

Progress: Good.
Sanity: Good (for now).