Daily Archive for January 7th, 2009


(finally getting back to blogging)

IAP is yet another MIT acronym.  It officially stands for Independent Activities Period, but in reality means different things to different people.  For some, it really stands for “extra-long vacation” (which I suppose is great if you live far away and would like to spend the cold Cambridge winters elsewhere).  Others come back to campus to take classes, work on projects, or participate in insane competitions.  At any rate, IAP lasts through the month of January and you are not required to take any “official” academic classes (although you can).

Since winter in Lexington is pretty much the same as winter in Cambridge, I decided that I would head back to campus after two weeks of eating delicious home-cooked food (and yes, that’s pretty much all I did during my vacation).  I signed up in a lottery for a class called 6.091 (MIT does everything in numbers, remember?), which is a hands-on introductory course in EE.  I was lucky enough to get in, so I’ll be starting that next week.

I have a few more things lined up for IAP, too, including:

  • doing some interesting software development work for the Shakespeare Project.
  • building three Blu-Ray lasers (two for me and one for Colin… more on these projects, including schematics, soon)
  • memorizing pi again.  I’m up to 700 digits now.
  • getting involved with the up-and-coming Next Make group (more on this much later)

So, yes, even though I don’t have any official classes, I’m staying very busy.

Anyways, I’m drawing up plans for the Blu-Ray lasers.  Hopefully I’ll have them completely finished soon.

Last thing: I updated my homepage a bit to reduce some menu clutter.  You can get to my software from “Projects”.