Daily Archive for February 16th, 2012

Ideas for Future ACRIS Firmware

I’m still procrastinating on the work I have to do by Friday, but whatever… I had more ideas for ACRIS. I just can’t seem to shut up about LEDs.

Anywayyyyyyyys… I had some ideas for future versions of the ACRIS board firmware. Right now, you do 0xAA followed by the instrument address followed by 5 (R,G,B) pairs. I want to retain this as a “simple control mode” and then add an “advanced control mode” that would look like 0x55 followed by the control command followed by its arguments.

Ideas for this mode include:

  • baud rate setting: You can set a different baud rate. Then, you need to send it some pre-defined pattern of bytes. If the system doesn’t receive what it expects within some time period, it’ll go back to the old mode (like screen resolution changes)
  • color correction mode: You can specify whether to do brightness/gamma correction. If so, then the system will try to make the input linear with what your eyes see. This requires some math and/or a lookup table.
  • resolution: Switch between 8-bit and 12-bit resolution.

Plus, I think it’s finally time to enable device-based transmission. That is, right now, all data flows one way: from my computer to the lights. However, I allowed for devices to switch to from receive to transmission mode. As long as no more than one device talks at once, then things will be okay. I want to do stuff like have the device tell the host its status if the host asks for it.