ACRIS Boards Rev 2.0 Routed!

I’ve finally redesigned the ACRIS boards… It’s only been like half a year. This new design has a ton of fixes, such as adding a pull-up to the blank signal on the LED drivers to prevent the LEDs from flashing when the power supply starts up. The power subsystem is roughly the same, though I removed the jumper to bypass the voltage regulator (it’s easy to just jumper the regulator instead). All of the ports are on one side, as are the status LEDs.

And, most importantly, there’s now a set of screw terminals on the other side for the LED outputs. This makes wiring LEDs up a lot simpler. I’m also planning to redo the footprint a bit so that they can also be easily used as board edge connectors.

My plan is to make another Myro order fairly soon. Now that my current LED drivers are all up and running in our living room, I want quite a few more for new projects!

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