ACRIS 2.0 Ordered

After a lot of re-routing and a bit of resizing, I’ve finished version 2.0 of the ACRIS boards. Hopefully this version will feature things like no more goddamn reworks. I think I’ve fixed everything.

I’ve added a few new features. For example, I brought all the XERR pins of the LED controllers back to the microcontroller so that the micro can perform analysis to see if there are any thermal errors from the chips.

The LED controllers have enough room around them such that it’s possible to put cute little DIP heatsinks on them. Screw terminal banks can be used, or you can just use the provided pads, which extend to the edge of the board, and solder to them.

I’ve also started a new version of the firmware that features improved commands and setting LED values using full 12-bit precision.

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