ACRIS boards are here!

Take a look:

Overall the quality looks pretty excellent, though there are a few spots that I want to test — I think some vias may have spilled over. Also, it seems like the bottom solder mask was screwed up — the LED connector pads are supposed to go to the board edge.

I’m probably going to put in a big digikey order soon. I will probably go for slightly smaller micros because the program I built only takes about 2.5k of flash. I think I’ll also buy the expensive components on Avnet instead of Digikey because it works out to be cheaper that way, even accounting for shipping. If I were to buy everything on Digikey, it would be about $246 for 10 boards worth of parts. That makes the total per-board cost about $30.

At larger quantities, that price goes down significantly. I think I may finally be closing in on a finished design.

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