Receiving IRC Messages as Text Messages

Bah, I’m a nerd. I’ve been using IRC for… like… ever. More recently, I decided to integrate all of my IM accounts into my IRC client (Weechat! — the superior alternative to irssi) with Bitlbee. So, now everything goes through my IRC client — Google Talk, AIM, Twitter, etc. Awesome.

But sometimes, I’m away and someone sends me something important over IRC or one of my IM clients and in my continuing effort to be omnipresent on the internet, I’d like those messages sent to my phone. I could just use a Jabber client for my phone, which would give me two-way communication, but what I really wanted was a one-way “paging” system.

So I built irc2sms. This is a very simple ZeroMQ-powered script that will take messages received when away and forward them via SMS to a mobile phone using Google Voice. It’s absurdly dependency-heavy, requiring Weechat, the zmq_notify plugin, Ruby, the ZMQ Ruby Gem, Python2, the ZMQ bindings for Python, PyYAML, and pygooglevoice.

But, configuration is very simple: make a ~/.gvoice by just running Python and importing googlevoice. Then, edit it, and run -h to find out the command-line options.

Yay niche use cases!

2 Responses to “Receiving IRC Messages as Text Messages”

  • I had a two-way IRC SMS gateway nearly working many years ago… certainly is a niche market, never bothered getting it running because nobody else wanted to use it!

  • I’ve actually been thinking of writing a bitlbee Google Voice plugin — I don’t think it would be too hard.

    Also needs some rate-limiting. I’ll add that at some point soon.

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