Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Day.  Now it’s time to get back to work.  :D

Anyways, to make a long story really short, I have a BlackBerry 8320 now, and I absolutely love it.  The included WiFi receiver allows me to connect to my wireless network quickly and painlessly.  I ordered a 4GB MicroSDHC card from NewEgg to store my music, photos, and videos.  I decided against buying an 8GB card because (1) they are extremely expensive, (2) they won’t be supported until OS 4.3 comes out for the Curve sometime next month, and (3) my music collection is tiny, anyways.

The card goes in the back of the device, underneath the battery.  Fortunately, the BlackBerry device has no problem acting like a generic mass storage device, so I can access the memory card from my computer, through it.  I essentially followed this guide to putting my music collection onto my BlackBerry.  However, I have a few extra notes that might be important:

  1.  The Quick and Dirty Transcoder (dirtyxcode) needs just a bit of modification to run properly if you have GStreamer 0.10.  Go to the Script Manager, right-click dirtyxcode, and select Edit.  This should bring up an instance of KWrite.  Go to line 163 (the line that has the actual gst-launch command) and remove just the two characters “-p”.  gst-launch now requires the -p argument (in this case, it’s filesrc), so the -p option should be removed.
  2. dirtyxcode calls gst-launch, but on my system, it’s gst-launch-0.10.  You can choose to either change the reference on line 163 or you can symlink gst-launch-0.10 to gst-launch.  I chose the latter.
  3. On Gentoo, besides the base GStreamer packages, you will need gst-plugins-lame and gst-plugins-taglib for encoding, and various plugins for decoding.  I use AAC a lot, so I installed gst-plugins-faac and gst-plugins-faad.

Transcoding was very slow on my system.  It took quite a while to sync my music collection for that reason.  But, it was worth it.  :)

In other news, I managed to add another 160GB to my system without paying a penny.  I have a 320GB external drive, but it’s just an internal drive encased in aluminum and connected with a USB interface.  Swapping my secondary 160GB drive for this 320GB one was extremely easy.  Now, I need to transfer all of my files back to the new drive and I will be fine.

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