Fixing a Seiko watch not reseting to 12

I was using my chronograph on my Seiko watch that I’ve had for a few years (7T92-0FX0) and noticed that when I reset it, the seconds hand was returning to the 57 second mark and not to 0. I Googled for a while and found this guide for another watch. This method didn’t work, so I tried a few other things.

Turns out the correct thing to do was to pull the stem out to the second click (for setting time) and then holding the top button for about 5 seconds. This will cause one of the dials to turn around fully. But, I was confused because it just put the dial back to the 57 second mark. Then, I tried hitting the bottom button, and it advanced. So, after two more presses, it was back at 0 and when I pushed the stem back in, the chronograph was reseting correctly again.

By pressing and holding the top button, you’re selecting which dial you want to reset. So if you press and hold the top button two times, it will make a different dial spin around, and then you can adjust that dial by hitting the bottom.


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  • Thank you for this. I thought i was going to have to pay to have it fixed. My minute hand is back to 12 and not 11:40.

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