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Testing the scroll wheel through serial

In this experiment, I send a command (either “< " or ">“) to indicate which way to scroll using the initial signal processing algorithm I designed. It guesses at which phase leg the motor is currently closest to and compares it against the previous phase leg and then decides whether that means it should scroll left or right. All this code is available on my git repo.

I then wrote a simple python program that uses PyGame to send either a left or right scroll command based on the input it receives over serial.

I currently am missing some parts to complete the V-USB setup, but when my Digikey order comes in, I should be able to finish it.

ACRIS LED Bootloader Ready!

The last major hurdle for the LED controller is finally done. I’ve finished designing a bootloader that allows you to program the device over the RS-485 network, thereby eliminating the difficulties I had originally experienced with in-circuit JTAG programming. I’ve also finished a Python library and application that makes working with the bootloader quite easy.

I just need to do one final verification of the LED controller boards and then I’ll order some. After that, it’s just a matter of assembly and writing some programs to control the colors of the system.