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473nm 10mW DPSS Blue Laser

So I was digging through some of my old electronics and I came across a device I bought a while ago but never really played around with. It’s a blue DPSS laser that I bought for practically nothing on eBay (I think the seller didn’t quite know what he was selling — they’re typically expensive). It’s not very powerful, but it’s certainly an interesting device.

It seems to have been ripped out of some old lab equipment, as there are lots of clipped connections. Furthermore, the construction is really interesting. There was a lot of reworking of standard components. For example, this DB-9 connector was modified to have two extra lines come out of the back.

I fired it up. It had a 5 second delay before it turned on (I believe this is supposed to be a standard safety feature according to government regulations).

I also tested it out on my laser power meter. I’m not really sure how accurate this meter is because I’ve had problems with it in the past, but according to it, the laser is outputting around 5mW stably.