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Memorizing Pi

Pi Day (3/14) is coming up, so I decided to employ my rustytrusty memorization skills once again.   Last year, I memorized pi to 500 places in a little over 2 weeks, by spending a few minutes every day looking over a sheet of numbers.  I found that by breaking the numbers up into 10-digit increments, I could learn these groups and string them together.  I looked at various common numbers (or sums or differences) between successive groups to remember their order.

After looking after my sheet of 500 digits again, I could recognize many of the groups, but couldn’t order them correctly.  So, after a few days of practice, I’m back at 500 digits.

I also wrote a program that would allow me to easily print out pi with various styles of grouping.  It’s called pi.py (the pun was originally unintended, but I like it :D).  It’s a little hackish (it has to run through a while loop and a for loop, and it has to convert into an array), but it gets the job done.  You could theoretically make it print out anything.  Just edit pidb.txt to contain whatever you want (maybe e?).  I was going to release it on 3/14, but I couldn’t wait.  :)